What is a cleanse?

We offer 3 different cleanses, all meant to help the body rid itself of toxins, while at the same time incorporating a mass amount of nutrients. Our cleanses come in options of 1, 3 and 5 days, but we have seen clients cleanse for as long as 30 days. It is completely up to each person how long they feel it is necessary to cleanse. Typically, you will consume only juice AND PLENTY OF WATER, allowing your body and digestive system to DETOX and REST.


How long will my juice last?

 Our juice typically lasts up to 3-5 days unopened in the 

refrigerator, however they carry more nutrients and taste

better the sooner that you drink them.

Green juice is best consumed within 72 hours of pick up.

Do I need to do a cleanse?

Most of us have YEARS (maybe DECADES) of toxic build-up inside of our guts, blood, and throughout the storage areas in our body. Any sort of cleanse is a great way to rid yourself of these toxins. The reason we stand behind our juice cleanses is because not only are you detoxing, but you are also nourishing your body with an incredible about of nutrients from the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that go into our product. 

*If you are unsure, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND speaking with your doctor or health practitioner before trying a cleanse

Do you offer non-cleanse options?



We offer healthy food and drink options at 

430 Miamisburg Centerville Rd

Delivery ?

Yes, DELIVER is available to cooperate

clients with standing weekly orders.